About Us

Rigicut Tools Private Limited was founded & promoted by Mr. R.C.Singal in the year 1982. Prior to this entrepreneurial venture he was associated with Ruston Hornsby India Ltd (currently known as Greaves Ltd) as a Tool Engineer for 6 years.

He founded the Tool Engineering Division in TELCO (currently known as Tata Motors Ltd) and remained its chief for sixteen years. The departments that reported to the Tool Engineering Division are:

» Tool Planning

» Tool Design

» Tool Purchase

» Tool Stores

» Tool Re-Grinding


After having gained such a vast experience in Tool Engineering and sensing an opportunity for demand of Cutting Tools he founded and promoted Rigicut Tools Pvt. Ltd, a manufacturing company that initially started by manufacturing of Single Point Form Carbide Tipped Tools. Given the rising demand for their products the company expanded After a few years some more machines were added to manufacture special Multi Point Carbide Tipped Tools to suit customer's requirements.

Mr. Jaideep R. Singal, an Engineer by qualification joined the business in the year 1991 to pursue further expansion plans of the company.

Now with a combined experience of over 50 long years in the field of Tool Engineering our speciality lies in manufacturing tools with specific carbide grades and cutting geometry for large manufacturing companies. This speciality makes us the single source for many applications.

Today we are also equipped with five CNC Machines to manufacture Solid Carbide Tools of all types as well as for Inspection we have fully automatic Zoller genius 3s (5 axis) inspection machine.